NOTA in Indian Election | What is NOTA ? | Working of Voting System Explained in HINDI

Hey Guys, In this video i’ll explain you what is NOTA (None of the above) in Indian Elections with its Real Meaning in HINDI. How does NOTA work in election & Why Nota is important ? How we can use this Right To Reject while voting in INDIA Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha 2019.

How Powerful is NOTA in present days & How we can change the way Political party do SCAM & Corruption by pressing NOTA in upcoming election 2019 to secure our bright future of INDIA. “NOTA” or ‘None of the Above’ has been provided as an option to the voters of India in most elections. Through the usage of NOTA,

a citizen can choose not to vote for any candidates who are contesting the elections. I’ll also explain you What happens if NOTA is in majority & How NOTA can cancel or suspend the election or black list the candidate. NOTA has been described as the maturing of India’s democracy as it provide us Right Not To VOTE #VoteForNOTA

Queries Solved: 1) What is NOTA ? 2) How does NOTA work in election? 3) None of the above option in Indian Elections 4) Meaning of NOTA in HINDI 5) What if NOTA is in Majority ? 6) How Indian Voting System works ? 7) Who control Indian Elections & Results ? 8) What happens if we vote for NOTA? 9) What happens if NOTA button get most Votes and wins the Elections ? 10) How does NOTA work in election? 11) Advantage of having NOTA as an option in elections with its Disadvantages in HINDI

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NotWhat is the meaning of NOTA in election?
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Should Nota be my choice?21-Aug-2018 · Supreme Court on August 21, 2018, ruled out that NOTA will not be allowed in Rajya Sabha elections. … ”NOTA” or ”none of the above” is a ballot option provided in the elections to Indian voters. ..

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The NOTA option in the EVM is given at the bottom of the candidates’ list.Nota definition, none of the above. See more. … from the Web for nota. In normal times, nota roja stories might be car accidents or crimes of passion.

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