Barpeta Road Railway Station

Hey Guys In this post I am going to talk about Barpeta Road (BPRD) Railway Station, Barpeta Road Railway Station Place at Barpeta Road City Pin Code-781315 Dist Barpeta Assam. Barpeta Road Railway Station is main Railway station in Barpeta District, Assam. Barpeta Road station code is BPRD.

Barpeta Road Pin Code – 781315 PS Barpeta Road,Barpeta Road Main 1 No Platform West Side, 2nd Platform North Side Total 2 Platform Barpeta Road Realway Station. Also Good News Barpeta Road Realway Station Free Wi-Fi Service.

So Dosto Barpeta Road Bohut hi ak Amazing place under Barpeta Road, City Se Thora West Side Me Parta He. Barpeta Road Nearest Hotel Doli Hotel Station Right Side Available.
Dosto Ap Dekh Sakte he Station Dekne Me Bohut Hi Beautiful Lagta he .

Barpeta Road Railway Station Time Table

Train name (no.) passing via 
Barpeta Road
ArrivesDepartsStop timeMTWTFSS

Bsb Ghy (25652)
20:0220:075 minNNNNNNY
Ghy Bsb Special (25653)19:1019:155 minNNNNNYN
Ghy Bsb Special (05653)19:1019:155 minNNNNNYN
Dbrg Dbb Special (05918)05:0005:022 minNNYNNNN
Dbb Dbrg Special (05917)02:0002:022 minNNNNNYN
Kir Dkgn Special (05735)03:3503:372 minNNYNYNN
Dkgn Kir Special (05736)17:4517:472 minNNNYNYN
Abadh Assam Express (15609)23:5523:561 minYYYYYYY
Ghy Jivachh Lin (25610)00:1900:201 minYYYYYYY
Ghy Sbc Express (12510)08:1708:181 minYYNNNNY
Intercity Express (15469)06:3906:401 minYYYYYYY
Intercity Express (15471)09:1109:121 minYYYYYYY
Intercity Express (15472)18:3618:371 minYYYYYYY
Ghy Tvc Express (12516)08:1708:181 minNNYNNNN
Ghy Tvc Express (12508)08:1708:181 minNNNNYNN
Brahmputra Mail (14055)14:1614:171 minYYYYYYY
Kamrup Express (15959)12:3812:391 minYYYYYYY
Kanchanjunga Express (15658)00:4400:451 minYYYYYYY
Ghy Puri Express (15640)20:4620:471 minNNNNNNY
Ghy Ltt Express (15646)19:0419:051 minNNYNNNY
Kamrup Express (15960)10:0710:092 minYYYYYYY
Avadh Assam Express (15910)00:0800:102 minYYYYYYY
Brahmputra Mail (14056)11:2811:302 minYYYYYYY
Ntsk Jivachh Li (25910)00:0900:101 minYYYYYYY
Guwahati Express (12509)03:0003:022 minNNYYYNN
Guwahati Express (15645)07:5707:592 minNNYNNYN
Guwahati Express (12515)03:0003:022 minNNNNNNY
Guwahati Express (15647)09:5009:522 minNNNNYNN
Puri Ghy Express (15639)19:1619:182 minNYNNNNN
Ghy Ltt Express (15648)17:4417:451 minNYNNNNN
Bkn Ghy Express (25631)20:5320:552 minYNYNNNN
Guwahati Express (12507)05:1005:122 minNYNNNNN
Ghy Bme Bkn Express (15632)12:3612:371 minNNNYNYN
Bme Ghy Express (15631)20:5320:552 minNYNNNNY
Kanchanjanga Express (15657)01:1901:201 minYYYYYYY
Abadh Assam Express (15909)23:5900:012 minYYYYYYY
Bgkt Kyq Express (15623)19:5619:582 minNYNNNNN
Kyq Bgkt Express (15624)19:0519:072 minNNNNYNN
Kanchanjanga Express (25657)01:1501:205 minYNYNNYN
Kanchanjunga Express (25658)00:4300:485 minYNYNYNN

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    Barpeta Road
    City in Assam
    Barpeta Road is a city and a municipal board in Barpeta district in the state of Assam, India.
    Population: 60,000 (2011)

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